Tunis Fleece – Part 1 Prep

It’s been a while since I’ve done any raw fleece preparation for spinning, so to get back into the groove, I joined the Sheepspot Fleece Club this summer and I’m so happy I did. For the next 3 months I’ll get a good size sample (100 grams or so) of a variety of sheep wool to work with.  Sasha Torres (Sheepspot Proprietor) is a spinner, knitter, dyer of fiber and yarn and lover of sustainable (& often unusual) fibery goodness – sounded like a good fit, so I’m all in.  I like the idea that I don’t have to consider the whole fleece (which is a little overwhelming),  and I love knowing where the fleece came from.  I just received my July shipment – American Tunis fleece, a conservation breed.  This particular portion of fleece is from “Y2 Wild One” a sheep raised at Cullenstone Farm in White Post Virginia.

Right out of the bag, it’s a great mix of curly locks and soft clouds of creamy colored fiber.  Already washed for me 🙂 (thank you Sasha) but some of the lock tips were a little pointy and chunky, so I flicked all the tips to tease them open a little before combing.

From a bowl full of crispy tipped locks………To a bowl full of fluffy clouds








Then I proceeded to lash those fluffy clouds onto my hackle and combed them off and then back on a few times – this removed almost all of the VM (vegetable matter) and got the fibers nicely aligned for a good worsted spin

Each time I finished a ‘hackle full’ I dizzed the combed fiber off the hackle into a nice long smooth strand and wound them up into yummy soft balls of smooth combed top – ready for the spin.








Stay tuned for Part 2 – the Spinning!

Aaaannnd They’re Done!!

Happy Wafflessee previous post are done my friends













time to cast on another pair – can’t stop knitting socks (or I could work on the 2 sweaters, hubby’s socks, and 3 spinning projects all in progress….but I’m thinking the new sock cast on will win out)

Summertime Projects

Summer here means 90º plus daily temps and just enough humidity to maintain a light dew (read sweat) on my skin.  Not the best of times for my passions – knitting and spinning with my beloved wool.  BUT makers gotta make, so the projects for summer become a bit smaller, quicker and usually pretty fun.








Today I’m finishing up some fun self striping socks (one of my fave on-the-go small knits)  The pattern is a well-used one – Blueberry Waffles by  Sandy Turner and the yarn is by Knitterly Things Vesper Sock 2 ply in colorway “Happy” – hence my “Happy Waffles”

Just a few (thousand) ends to weave in and kitchener those little toes and they are ready for a bath.

Definitely a happy summertime project.