Hillside Soapworks at the Farmer’s Market

I’ve been working on getting everything I need for my first Sunday Farmer’s Market at the Valley Fort this Sunday.  I went to check out the set up last Sunday, and I will be on the sidelines under a big shady tree (perfect!).  I will have about 10 different varieties of soap (including Confetti Flowers, Melon Spritzer, Beach Rain, Mocha Latte’ and Chai Tea Latte’, Rosemary Cream, Lavender Cream and Rose Geranium) plus several ‘flavors’ of little guest soaps.

If I can get it together, I will have a few emulsified sugar scrubs for sale too – but maybe not – seriously there are not enough hours in my days and this Mon. thru Fri. regular job is really just so annoying.

So if you are in or near Fallbrook, CA this coming weekend, stop by to visit, say Hi and smell some good-for-your-skin handmade soaps! 3757 S. Mission Rd. Fallbrook CA 92028

Hillside Soapworks at Sunday Farmers Market
Hillside Soapworks at Sunday Farmers Market

I will take pictures and report back on now it all went

Chai Tea Latte’

I cut the Chai Tea Latte’ today (from yesterday’s Soaping Saturday post)- And it is awesome.  Very creamy and smells heavenly.

fresh out of the mold
fresh out of the mold

I really love these molds from Woodfields – The loaf comes out smooth and slightly shiny and always ready to unmold within 24 hours.  NEVER any soda ash since it gets such a good seal with the lid.  I still cover with a towel to insure gel, but I don’t think I need to, old habits are hard to break.

Chai Tea Latte' cut bars
Chai Tea Latte’ cut bars

I used Copper Sparkle mica and the little bit of sparkly-ness is sooo pretty.  Good batch

Soaping Saturday

Today was another one for a new soap and a remake of an ‘old’ soap.  First up the new – I have been wanting to do a super mild soap for babies and/or sensitive skin for a few months now.  I have gone thru lots of “cute” ideas (using Baby Powder fragrance oil, or maybe just going commando with 100% olive oil and nothing else, etc).  But I had to decide what are the best attributes of soap while keeping it baby safe.  So Creamy Baby was born.  I used olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and castor oil.  I replaced 1/2 my water with fresh heavy cream and gave it a hefty super-fat – that’s it!  no fragrance, no clays,no silk.  I did add a jar of Gerber baby carrots for a little color.

ingredients - just a few of the best
ingredients – just a few of the best

The carrots and milk went into the oils after I added the sodium hydroxide/water.  Creamy Baby will be super creamy, moisture rich, nice suds and a good firm bar.  Most of all gentle for baby.   Here it is in the molds

Creamy Baby ready in mold ready for gel
Creamy Baby in mold ready for gel

Next up is a re-make of my husband’s favorite soap (actually Creamsicle has taken a strong second for him) – Chai Tea Latte’. This smells sooo good, very close to having a yummy Starbucks Chai Latte’ in your hands.  The fragrance oil does discolor slightly to a tan, so I put in a strong amount of titanium dioxide into the main portion of the batter, with a little Copper Sparkle mica for the colored portion.  This was made with my favorite recipe, a proven creamy, sudsy, emollient but hard bar.  Here it is fresh in the mold

Chai Tea Latte' ready for gel
Chai Tea Latte’ ready for gel

All-in-all a pretty fun day in the soap studio