New Line of Beer Soaps and another Fall Soap

I get lots of guys at the Market looking at soap, one even asked for Lavender soap, “but not in a little flower, I like Lavender, but don’t want to shower with a little flower soap – how about a regular bar of Lavender?” so OK, I guess guys do like to smell good, but want to stay manly about it (BTW I am re-making Lavender Green Tea this weekend and yes I will make some regular bars along with the traditional flower soaps – fine).   Bear Scrub was the first in my new line of “Manly Soaps”.

The second one is

Copper Honey Ale
Honey Ale IPA

I started with a 16 oz bottle of White Hawk IPA (not a bad glass of beer) and brought it to a boil, let it boil out the alcohol and carbonation for about 15 minutes, then let it set uncovered in the fridge overnight.  That yielded about 12 oz of “flat” beer so I made up the lack of liquid with a little distilled water – like may be 3 oz.

I carefully added the sodium hydroxide a little at a time to avoid any blowups, to the cold beer and happily had no problems at all.  I used my normal recipe but left out the heavy cream.  I scented with a honey ale fragrance oil and a copper mica and TD as colorants.  It turned out pretty cool and smells kinda ale-eee, in a good way.

I also added to my Fall Soap Line with California Autumn.  This is about it for the fall color changes here in Fallbrook, but it’s still a pretty time of year.

Modern Candy Corn bars

It is scented with a little spiced apple cider, burnt sugar and champagne fragrance oils – very yummy, but not too sweet.

another Fall Soap Line entry
another Fall Soap Line entry

The New Manly “Bear Scrub”

This past weekend I made 3 batches of soap (all new creations).  I’m selling pretty well at Valley Fort Sunday Farmer’s Market, so I’m trying to get ahead in soaps to keep up with sales and not have any empty soap trays at Market (yeah I know, this is a good problem!)

This past Saturday soapy creations
This past Saturday soapy creations Bear Scrub, Amber Honey Ale & California Autumn

Today we will just focus on Bear Scrub.  I am sooo happy with how it came out.  My brother (who is apparently a very dirty guy – HA just kidding) requested a soap that would get his hard working hands clean at the end of the day – gently exfoliating, not to smelly, and clean his dirty hands.  I think I came up with a winner on all counts.

I started out with my favorite recipe, using my good butters for moisturizing, kaolin clay for softening (cuz even guys want soft hands) and olive, coconut, avocado and other skin loving oils.  Then I decided on fine walnut shells as one exfoliant – very gentle but also effective, that got mixed in the turquoise mica portion.  I used dried orange peel powder for the 2nd exfoliant – this powder is also a natural colorant, so I got the blue/yellow combo.

I used a lemon-lime type fragrance, so it smells fresh and clean. I used my FAT mold which makes bars a little larger than the norm and cut them at my regular 1 1/4″ thickness.  I think little brother will be pleased.

Bear Scrub - with walnut shells & orange peel exfollients
Bear Scrub – with walnut shells & orange peel exfoliants\

Raspberry Cherry Vanilla – and more…

Saturday was a full day of soaping – one new creation and a few old standbys that I am completely sold out of (Confetti Floral and Rosemary).  My original plan was to make the new Bear Scrub (a manly soap), but that will have to wait for another time.

Raspberry Cherry Vanilla – the new one – turned out better than I expected.  Soaping is never about a specific end result, you just have to start with an idea and a plan of attack and you get what you get. Jut so many variables, from fragrance, to color morphing, to too high/too low temps  – so my idea was a one-sided hanger swirl, hot pink mica, bubblegum pink mica and magic violet mica poured into TD (white)  base color

prepared colorants in batter, ready to pour
prepared colorants in batter, ready to pour

I started with the white, then drop swirled the three colors, alternating with another layer of white all poured on just one side of the mold.  I then used my hangar tool to swirl those colors and finally brought the tool over to the white edge and straight up.  Swirled the top with leftover color with some zigzaggy curlyque motions

top of Raspberry Cherry Vanilla
top of Raspberry Cherry Vanilla

The cut is awesome and the scent is just so lovely, may be one of my favorites.  I used a mixture of black raspberry vanilla and cherry blossom fragrance oils

Raspberry Cherry Vanilla warm, fruity and a little sweet!
Raspberry Cherry Vanilla warm, fruity and a little sweet!

Also got a new batch of Confetti Flowers done on Saturday, this is one of my most popular floral fragrances.  So funny, the ones you think will be the best, can be the worst for some people.  I love the florals jasmine, sweet pea, lily of the valley etc and the warm scents – pumpkin, patchouli, nag champa.  But I digress, Confetti Flowers is a mixture of 8 different floral fragrance oils and it’s heavenly (if you like floral scents).

Confetti Flowers - remake
Confetti Flowers – remake

Also did a new batch of Rosemary – this time Rosemary Sage.  Will blog about that a little later this week.  (BTW I have NEVER done 3 batches in one day, wow.  It is much easier when I prep the night before though, and all my ingredients are at a nice room temp for soaping day).  Time to go fold flyers for this Sunday’s Farmers Market!