Patchouli Mix-up & Testing New Molds

I have been out of my Cosmic Patchouli bars for a while now, and with the Fall Soap line taking up most of my soaping time, I just haven’t been able to get a batch done, then when I was ready to soap, I realized I was out of my fave Patchouli essential oil (Young Living EOs are the best & I’m a distributor, but I can only order once a amonth & they are slooooow in shipping & I have a hard time using some other brand &…) so instead  I got a quick ship from one of my soap suppliers and it was NOT what I call a Patchouli scent.  I soaped with it anyway and made this loaf of bars, awesome of course, but not Cosmic Patchouli scent (those bars became “Cosmic Rainbow” nice scent, just not Patchouli).

Cosmic Karma top and a sneak peak at a new mold
Cosmic Karma top and a sneak peak at a new mold!

This past weekend I still hadn’t received my YL Patchouli, so I soaped with another new brand from another soap supplier.  It came out awesome too, but still NOT Patchouli (this batch became “Cosmic Karma”) it smells like a sandlewood, sweet patchouli, incense mix .  Really nice, and the colors came out awesome – hot pink mica, yellow vibrance mica, apple green mica and twilight mica in a white base.

Cosmic Karma before cut
Cosmic Karma before cut

I am really happy with the way the bars came out though, again – soaping is often planning and then you get what you get

Cosmic Karma bars
Cosmic Karma bars

Oh yeah, and the new mold I tested out….

Hoooo wouldn't love a little owl soap?
Hoooo wouldn’t love a little owl soap?

it will be for some spring soaps I am already planning – are they so dang cute  or what???  these are just using extra soap batter from Cosmic Karma, but my plans for spring – will be waaaay  cuter

Falling Leaves and Vanilla Rain Forest

A few weekends ago I added two new soaps to my line, one for the Fall “Falling Leaves” and one that will go in my year round line “Vanilla Rain Forest” because it’s just so awesome and a good everyday fresh clean and warm scent.

I had a bunch of soap trimmings that were in the fall-ee color line, so I decided to emulate leaves falling in my soap bars – um OK, so it sounded good in my brain, but it just turned into a cool looking new soap for fall

Falling Leaves - top
Falling Leaves – top

It is scented with a mixture of spiced apples, cider, pumpkin and forest trees – spicy, foresty and warm for Fall. I chopped the leftover soap trimmings into small bits and stirred it into the pale yellow base.  Its colored with yellow mica mixed with TD for a pale base and drop swirled with orange vibrance mica and golden green mica.Then  I gave it a scoop with a spoon in the mold.

ready for the cut
ready for the cut
Falling Leaves - final cut bars
Falling Leaves – final cut bars – see the little “leaves”?

Then next up was supposed to be my first of the Winter soaps, but it just came out so clean, fresh and actually NOT Winter, that I decided it add it to my year-round line of soaps

I don’t use a lot of blue in my soaps, but I can’t say why exactly.  I always love the fresh clean look of blue and this one is great with the green for both rain and forest and of course the vanilla-white base. This blue was a new mica color for me (Vallarta Blue) – I am in love with the micas from Nurture Soap Supply, they are always so stable and rarely any surprises or morphing of colors, and great prices, and fast shipping WAIT I think I digress too much – back to my soap!  It is a beautiful true blue and worked great with the apple green mica.

Vanilla Rain Forest - bars
Vanilla Rain Forest – bars

Scented with my favorite rain fragrance oil, with some vanilla, and pine forest scents – sooo good, love this one.

Vanilla Rain Forest - bars and guest size
Vanilla Rain Forest – bars and guest size

This weekend I will be making just one more for the Fall line, plus two re-stocks to my regular line, than I start planning for Winter and Christmas Holiday soaps!

New Pink Himalayan Salt Bars

Pink Himalayan Salt bars scented with neroli and shea blossom fragrance oil – slightly sweet and very spa-like scent, soo good.  I poured into a 9-bar slab mold this time and did a simple pink and white (fandango pink mica and TD) swirled top.

Pink Himalayan salt top
Pink Himalayan salt top

I had a little left over and at the last minute decided to use my little flower mold.   It’s hard to judge a salt batter, if it’s a little salt heavy the soaponified bars come out over crumbly and shape molds don’t usually work out.  I changed my percentages for this batch and added a little more organic heavy cream, so the bars came out super creamy and worked perfectly in the flower mold – my next batch will be all flowers…

Pink Himalayan Salt bars the final product
Pink Himalayan Salt bars the final product

Pink Himalayan salt is harvested in the Himalayan mountains and is a natural  skin detoxifyer and it improves hydration, so the skin absorbs the natural minerals in the salt – minerals our skin needs to help balance our ph.  It also helps calm irritated skin.  It is one of my best sellers, so I remake it about once a month!  My favorite use is to break off a chunk of the soap and float it in my bath water, wonderful for softening the skin and the neroli and shea blossom scent is heaven in the bath.  Good stuff…