Holiday Events & 2 New Soaps

Wow, the last few weeks have been sooo busy – here in the States we just celebrated Thanksgiving Day – a time to stop and give thanks for all the blessings we enjoy everyday and the family and friends in our lives that make help to make life as rich as it is.

It is also the start of the biggest holiday/sales season of the year.  I was honored to be the guest artisan (as Hillside Soapworks) at Grand Country Quarter’s Black Friday event.  I got to meet some really nice people and let them know the joys and benefits of handmade natural soap, sugar scrubs and lotion bars – sold lots of stuff too!  so much fun, thanks GCQ.

Next Saturday Dec. 6th I will be at “Handmade in San Diego” in Pacific Beach – I have been soaping, making scrubs and lotion bars till I have blisters on me fingers!  Well I may exaggerate, but LOTS of product is ready for this big event. There will be 100 vendors there and EVERYTHING must be handmade, plus a bake sale and BBQ with gift wrapping and holiday photos – great place to go for gift purchases and just a fun holiday outing for all.

I just did our Sunday Farmer’s Market today and we are going strong with the newly opened Christmas Tree Lot and Christmas Store.  I sold most of what I took today, so people have really started to gift buy – yaaay.  We will have our actual Holiday Celebration at Market on Sun. Dec. 14th from 10am – 7pm.  Lots of vendors, food, games, lights – should be fun!

As stated above, I have been making lots of soap in the past few weeks, lots of re-stocks but a few new ones too.  I have been working on finding a good mix for a Lemony scent for soap – citrus is a tough one to make the scent stick for any length of time – but I think i finally nailed it

Lemony Verbena - very fresh
Lemony Verbena – very fresh scent

This one is sooo lemony it makes your face pucker – HA.  It really is a nice clean lemon scent.  I had other plans for the design than what you see, but in soaping you can’t always predict how a scent or color will react and with this combo of essential oils and fragrance oils, this batch went off VERY fast – which, for you non-soapers, means that the soap batter started getting very thick very fast as soon as I added the fragrance – had to get my mica colorants mixed in as quickly as I could and plop the batter into the mold.  No time to do a pretty swirl on top, so I just did some spoon texture on top and called it done. Lemony Verbena will be ready about Dec. 20th.  Even though it was a little persnickity – this one will be a keeper in my year round line of soaps

Lemony Verbena - love how it turned out
Lemony Verbena – love how it turned out

Another new soap is a little more towards the holiday seasonal variety – Fresh Cranberries.  This is scented with several cranberry fragrance oils – a mix of sweet & fruity & savory,  I also used 2 new micas for the color (the green and berry colors) which behaved beautifully.  Did a drop swirl layering into the mold, then spoon swirled the whole lot once in the mold

Fresh Cranberries - pretty little holiday scent
Fresh Cranberries – pretty little holiday scent

a little mantra swirl on top – this will be ready in another week or so

Fresh Cranberries - top swirl
Fresh Cranberries – top swirl

It’s Time for Gift Giving & new Holiday Soap

With the holidays coming (and lots of holiday events for Hillside Soapworks) I have put together some pretty cool little gift sets. Sometimes you just want to go to the vendor and buy the gift all ready to go – so we have:

Scrub/Pouf/Soap sets
Scrub+ Sugar Scrub + Pouf gift packs

each little clear plastic box contains an Emulsified Sugar Scrub, with a coordinating full size bar of Soap and a full size pouf plus some confetti shred for fun and color.  The tie on the pouf acts as your little “hook” to hang your gift tag.  then we have:

Give Thanks gift packs
Give Thanks gift packs

each clear plastic box contains 2 molded bars of soap, either pumpkin and leaf or owl and flower.  These are scented with a mix of fall spice, butter and vanilla – yum.  Then of course some confetti shred for color and fun.  What a great hostess gift for Thanksgiving!  finally we have:

Holiday Trees gift packs
Holiday Trees gift packs

These are the cutest little trees ever! each clear plastic box contains either a decorated tree with 2 small guest size trees or 2 decorated trees.  The scent on these is fresh forest air, snow and a little Christmas spice.

So fun, and speaking of Christmas, a few weekends ago I made one of my 3 holiday soaps – Peppermint Frost

Peppermint Frost Bars
Peppermint Frost Bars

This is a fairly new round mold and it makes awesome full size soap bars – a little persnickety about coming out of the mold, but worth the effort.  They just feel good in the hand.  The scent is peppermint essential oil with a little bit of peppermint candy fragrance oil thrown in.  They smell awesome and fresh.  This same scent will be available in the Sugar Scrub and Lotion Bars as well.

Peppermint Frost for Holidays
Peppermint Frost for Holidays

New Products and Shows

Lots to report since I put the word out that I was officially selling. The soaping studio is going non-stop (which means moi), but it is fun and interesting.  I am always working on new ways to add to the biz. I finally got a legit 10′ canopy about 6 weeks ago and I am so happy I did (slight learning curve, but my husby and I figured it out) we’ve got the main setup down to about 10 minutes, of course it takes me almost an hour to display all my stuff (the control freak/perfectionist/anal retentive…in me ha)

Valley Fort Farmers Market left vue
Valley Fort Farmers Market left view
right view
right view

These pics are from about a month ago, and things have already changed.  I have added a few new items.  I am at the Valley Fort Farmers Market most Sundays (except the 1st Sun. of month)

Lotion Bars - awesome lovelyness
Lotion Bars – awesome lovelyness

The most recent addition is  lotion bars  & they are a big hit, so I will make lots more scents.  They are made with shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado oil, white beeswax, tapioca powder (really) a natural drying agent so the bar is not at all greasy, but so luxuriously moisturizing,  essential oils and/or fragrance oils for scent.  I pour them into 2 oz twist tubes and they are fabulous.  Drop one in your purse and you are good to go!

100% pima cotton spa cloths
100% pima cotton spa cloths

I normally give a pouf whenever someone gets the 3/bar special, but there is nothing like a super soft hand knit little face cloth.  These are about 7″ square and people seem to love them.

I am also going to be at “Handmade in San Diego” craft fair at Kate Sessions in Pacific Beach on Sat. Dec. 6th.  This is a pretty big event with 100 vendors selling all kinds of hand crafted items.  If you are in the area, stop by to visit – great time to buy gifts.

Hillside Soapworks will be here!
Hillside Soapworks will be here!

Hope to see you at a show soon