Summertime Projects

Summer here means 90º plus daily temps and just enough humidity to maintain a light dew (read sweat) on my skin.  Not the best of times for my passions – knitting and spinning with my beloved wool.  BUT makers gotta make, so the projects for summer become a bit smaller, quicker and usually pretty fun.








Today I’m finishing up some fun self striping socks (one of my fave on-the-go small knits)  The pattern is a well-used one – Blueberry Waffles by  Sandy Turner and the yarn is by Knitterly Things Vesper Sock 2 ply in colorway “Happy” – hence my “Happy Waffles”

Just a few (thousand) ends to weave in and kitchener those little toes and they are ready for a bath.

Definitely a happy summertime project.

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